Acceleration: Satori XL


Satori’s XL Partnership Program provides acceleration capital to emerging investment managers. Our strategic investments entitle our investors to earn both a limited partner return and a share of management and performance fees, a revenue stream that grows as the manager’s assets under management (AUM) increase over time.

An investment from Satori XL comes with access to Satori’s guidance and resources in areas such as recruiting, operations, business development, legal, and communications, which can help emerging managers grow their AUM.


  • Values alignment with our core principles
  • A strong track record, typically of at least five years, demonstrating an ability to generate compelling risk-adjusted returns with minimal drawdowns
  • Managers who exhibit tenacity, integrity, a passion for investing, and a learner mindset
  • A strategy that can successfully scale to $1 billion in AUM and beyond
  • A unique “edge” or investing style
  • A significant focus on risk management and minimizing volatility
  • An opportunity to benefit from the operating experience, relationships, and resources of our team


Equity L/S
Specializes in early identification of paradigm-shifting themes that have the potential to generate consistent, long-term growth

Atlas Principals, LLC is a thematic long/short equity manager that specializes in the early identification of paradigm-shifting themes that have the potential to generate consistent, long-term growth. The team bases its investment approach on thematic idea generation, a robust fundamental research process, awareness of sentiment, and proactive risk management. Due to its ability to manage risk, Atlas provides exposure to the growth of the future with a fraction of the beta, and because the largest and highest-conviction positions in its portfolio have holding periods that exceed 12 months, the fund maintains a tax-efficient status and is tax friendly to onshore and offshore investors alike.

Credit / CMBS
Invests in commercial mortgage-backed securities (“CMBS”) that require rigorous, property-by-property diligence

Cicero Capital Partners, LLC actively manages a portfolio of commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) and other commercial real estate structured opportunities. The fund focuses on preserving investor principal while generating returns through a comprehensive, fundamental due diligence process developed over 19 years of investing experience in securities, commercial real estate assets, loans, and asset management. Cicero’s expertise in collateral-level credit analysis allows it to take a B-Piece approach to the less risky bond tranche (story bonds) while often generating above-average risk-adjusted returns.

Equity L/S
Opportunistically invests in U.S. equities and options using a combination of technical and fundamental analysis

Crawford Lake Capital Management, LLC manages a trading-oriented long/short equity strategy with the primary objective of investing in equities and options in order to generate strong, risk-adjusted returns over time. The strategy utilizes a hybrid approach to investing, combining both fundamental and technical analysis. By combining these approaches, Crawford Lake intends to produce superior risk-adjusted returns, maintain a low-volatility profile, and perform well regardless of market conditions.

Equity L/S
Employs a catalyst-based investment approach designed to outperform the broader market and limit downside

Pavise Capital Management LLC manages a long/short U.S. large-and mid-cap equity strategy employing rigorous fundamental research to identify long-term trends with short-term catalysts to generate high risk-adjusted returns. Pavise’s approach involves rigorous and continuous analysis of public company data to anticipate shifts in competitive dynamics, business strategy, and market sentiment over time.

Equity L/S
Employs an opportunistic, event-driven strategy that seeks and structures trades with asymmetric return profiles

Tuscan Ridge Asset Management, LLC employs an opportunistic, event-driven strategy that seeks and structures trades with asymmetric return profiles. The Tuscan Ridge team has extensive expertise in designing highly structured trades and implementing a complex strategy that seeks to enhance positive returns and dampen losses across a spectrum of possible outcomes.

* This page does not include previous Satori XL investments with private equity investment managers, as the program now concentrates on hedge funds.


Our private equity business seeks to partner with growing companies with $5 million to $25 million of EBITDA that operate with a long-term perspective, commit to their mission or purpose, and create value for all stakeholders.


Our alternatives investment platform, Satori Alpha, creates and manages customized portfolios designed to meet the unique objectives of sophisticated private investors, family offices, and institutions.